Case Study – Healthcare Logo

Case Study – Healthcare SEO


The founder of created a safe and secure way for doctors and patients to meet. They built a telemedicine app, available on iPhone and Android Devices. The founder began the project while working on his Pre-Doctorate. Their brand was very young and had a limited budget.
Early research showed that the online medical industry was very competitive and commoditized. was one of the only free and private, law compliant services of their kind. Hence, they hoped to increase adoption from physicians, medical practices, and patients alike.
The client wanted to create an online following. It was also important to promote as many free subscriptions as possible. The end goal was to offer a premium paid service to their enterprise and corporate clients. It’s important to note they were not interested in Pay Per Click advertising. They wanted to grow by leveraging traffic gained through organic healthcare SEO.

Proposed Action Plan

Keyword research and competitor analysis ensured optimal content was being created. Also, regular content publishing became a cornerstone of the client’s online efforts. A series of new pages answered many questions for their audience. Furthermore, a blog created new content opportunities by interviewing end-users of the app.
A variety of link building strategies generated a diverse link profile. Building relationships with reporters, journalists, and blog owners created new opportunities for exposure. Editorial features on industry related websites were fundamental in gaining traction. Local SEO was also implemented with the goal of capturing the New York market. Finally, the team began offering a linkable badge. These would appear in the footers of individual websites of doctors while using the app.


In conclusion, the website catered to many different types of potential users. Informational pages answered questions for visitors about Telemedicine’s rules, regulations and limitations. The blog was crucial in generating new pages for visitors to browse. Users could also learn about various treatments offered via telemedicine communications. A diverse link profile developed over time. Combined, this lead to a dramatic increase in both overall and organic traffic.

Snapshots from Google Analytics reveal the progress that had occurred over one year. When comparing February 2016 vs. February 2017, overall traffic had increased 163%. organic traffic had increased 219%.


Overall Traffic February 2016 vs. February 2017

Google Analytics shows graph of Overall Traffic gained from healthcare SEO

Google Analytics shows overall Sessions, Users, Pageviews, Pages/Session, Average Session Duration, and Bounce Rate results achieved from healthcare SEO

Organic Traffic February 2016 vs. February 2017

Google Analytics shows graph of Organic Traffic gained from healthcare SEO

Google Analytics shows organic Sessions, New Sessions, New Users, Bounce Rate, Pages/Session, and Average Session Duration results achieved from healthcare SEO