Case Study – Ecommerce

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Case Study – Ecommerce SEO


Challenge Coins 4 Less is an eCommerce brand that designs custom challenge coins. A challenge coin is a medallion that displays an organization’s crest or logo. They are usually given to prove membership when challenged. The coins originated in the military. They have also become popular in paramilitary organizations like Fire and Police Departments.

Equipped with a newly designed website, the brand was ready to embark on an SEO campaign. They had seen early success with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and email marketing. But their long term goal was to rank higher for key terms like challenge coins and challenge coin design. Thus, a new approach to earn traffic organically through eCommerce SEO efforts evolved.

Proposed Action Plan

After preliminary research was complete, an outreach strategy became clear. The team contacted military and veteran organizations around the country. The end goal was to become a resource for their needs. Hence, this strategy earned valuable backlinks on relevant, niche websites. It also created a new channel of lead generation as new audiences were being reached. Additionally, the team formed connections with website owners who published seasonal gift guides. This gained more exposure along with referral traffic. Brand mentions were consistently monitored and converted into backlinks.
On-page content received optimization for key pages. Also, the implementation of internal linking improved site wide navigation. Finally, the team created a blog with an editorial calendar for regular posting.


When the project began, the client was not yet on page one. They were on top of page two for the key terms challenge coins and challenge coin design. As a result of one month of work, both terms had risen to the bottom of page one. By month four, challenge coins had skyrocketed to the number two position. Wikipedia had a firm grasp on the number one spot. The key term challenge coin design also soared, rising to the coveted number one position.

Ranking #2 in Google for the Keyword Challenge Coins with Ecommerce SEO

Ranking #1 in Google for the Keywords Challenge Coin Design with Ecommerce SEO